Reasons for Sending Flowers

reasons to send flowers You may want to send flowers to commemorate a certain holiday or special date, the opening of an establishment or just to communicate a certain message. The possibilities are endless. One of the main things you will want to keep in mind is the reason you have chosen and the impact you would like to have. For instance if you just met someone and are trying to break the ice you wouldn´t want to go to overboard and should stick with something simple. However,if you are trying to say I love you or Will you marry me then you should pour your heart into it and make it a very personal sentimental moment.
Here are some of the main reasons you should send flowers:
Holidays are a great time to send flowers. Even if you can´t be there in person you can still show that you care and are thinking of the person. There are certain holiday´s where it is very common to send flowers, such as Valentine´s Day or Mother´s Day. However, flower shops make really elaborate attractive arrangements for almost every holiday there is. For example, during Halloween you can send your family and friends spookily designed arrangements that generally come with some sort of Halloween themed vase or container. There are also special arrangements and bouquets you can get during St. Patrick´s Day, Christmas and even the 4th of July. Florists do a great job coming up with designs for all the holidays.
Birthdays are a great time to send flowers. There are also astrology oriented flower arrangements or ´birth month´ flowers that are made especially for this occasion.
Celebrating achievements such as, someone graduating from highschool or a university, a job promotion or even a new job, weight loss, or the acceptance into an art gallery are all great times to send flowers. When you celebrate the achievements of your family, friends and co-workers you have the chance to tell them that you acknowledge and are proud of all their hard work, dedication and follow through.
The birth of a child is another time that is great for sending flowers. It is a wonderful experience to celebrate the birth of a child and the creation of life and all the grand possibilities that family and child have for their future. This is a time when you get to do something special for the baby, the mom and the“ whole family. Florists even make special pink or blue themed flowers just for occasions like this and why not send a teddy bear with the flowers while your at it. It will be a keepsake for years to come.
Sometimes there isn´t an already pre-ordained event for us to go off of, but we just had something we´d like to say or get across. This is also, another time when it is more than appropriate to send flowers. This is where it is great to use an online florist because you get to type your message in yourself and will know that it is just how you wanted it. Some messages you might be trying to get across are "I love you", "I´m sorry", «Will you marry me?« or "Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?", "I´m proud of the person you´ve become", "I miss you", "You´re a great friend", or even to just say "You were on my mind"!
As you can see the list can go on and on of when and why you should send flowers. However, if you have something you want to say go ahead and do it. You´ll be glad you did and it will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.