Sending Flowers - What is better: bouquets or arrangements?

There are many options when it comes to how the flowers you will be sending are put together. In the world of floral design there a lot of terms that may be confusing to the average person such as really knowing the difference between a bouquet and an arrangement.

sending flowers bouquet The classic flower bouquet can be thought of as a group of flowers that can be tied together either by wires, rubber banded or even hand tied with a ribbon. Generally, they will have some sort of plastic protective covering on them when you get them to keep them bunched together better. A good example of a classic bouquet is a dozen roses tied together. You can normally find these in a wide variety of places even grocery stores. Another place you will find bouquets used is in weddings. These are special bouquets that you will want to have created far in advance because of the high uniqueness of them.

A floral arrangement is a little more elaborate in the way it is created and can come in a vase, basket or some other type of container. Arrangements a lot of times will appear fuller because they tend to have more flowers. Arrangements will differ depending on the artistry, style and theme involved. With floral arrangements you can really wow people because they really do go the extra mile to create beautiful designs.

floral arrangement When faced with the decision of which one to choose, bouquet or arrangement, you should try to base your answer on what the occasion is. You can also factor in what type of message you are trying to convey because this can vary greatly. For example, if you are trying to really impress a person it is a good idea to get an arrangement, but if you don't know the person very well and are just trying to show a kind gesture that might be the right time to choose a bouquet or even just a simple arrangement. If you know a lot about the person you can do wonders by choosing a floral arrangement because you can go all out and base the style of it on some of their favorite things.