Which Are the Most Popular Flowers to Give?

Many people value tradition and when it comes to giving flowers, this can be especially true because after all, flower giving is a traditional custom that has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Those who want to be in with the trends will also notice that over time, in our modern society the popular flowers will change from decade to decade as tastes change. This is just as sensible as the trends in fashion or music and once you understand the patterns it will all make much more sense. This list will cover both traditional favorites and a few hot trends, as well.

popular flowers to send: roses There are always going to be different tastes at play when it comes to ordering flowers, but there are certain flowers which really are popular not just right now, but flowers that have been popular for decades or even centuries. Once you know the popular flowers that people love to send you will have a very good idea of which flowers you might like to send. This list is intended to get you thinking about all of the possibilities that are out there for you to choose from.

Roses- These are the number one most popular flower in the world to give. They are vibrant, recognizable and have a powerful array of colors. They are an international symbol of romance and have been used for thousands of years in nearly every culture on the face of the Earth. You cannot go wrong choosing roses for romance or simply to show your pride.

Carnations - These cute flowers come in a variety of colors and even patterns. Since they have a pleasant scent they are very popular for many occasions where roses might be a bit too strong of a statement.

Orchids - These exotic blooms come from more tropical regions and they are highly sought after as objects of beauty for a wide variety of purposes. If you want to be a little bit eccentric, this is a great choice.

Daisies - As a purely joyful flower, daisies are happy and provide a sense of fun. They make a great gift for many occasions and today there are many different color variations to choose from.

Violets - These are usually sent as potted plants and can make a wonderful gift for those who do not prefer cut flowers, but would rather have a long term flower.

Popular Flower Choices

Lilies - As one of the iconic flowers of the world, lilies make an excellent choice for those who have European heritage because they are often part of the family crest. They are a peaceful and calm type of flower with a whole lot of class so you can be sure they will impress nearly any audience with ease.

Sunflowers - This is a flower that has a huge amount of cheer working on its side. If you want to really brighten a person's day then there are few flowers which can do it in quite as full a fashion as the timeless sunflower. For the person that's optimistic and outgoing, this could be said to be their special flower and it is an eccentric choice without being odd.

Daffodils - Here is a great Spring flower that conveys a sense of humble beauty that also has a touch of playfulness. Their unique shape helps them be recognizable and the beautiful yellows and whites are sure to please the eye, as well.

popular flowers to send: tulips Tulips - The often overlooked tulips come in some of the brightest colors in nature. These are bold, beautiful flowers of striking shape and coloration. Never forget that tulips themselves are rarely forgotten when they are given as a floral arrangement. Spring is a great time for these flowers.

Bird of Paradise - If you are looking for a stunning and truly rare type of flower to present someone with then look no further than the Bird of Paradise! This is one flower that has the color and shape to really grab the eyes of its beholders and make a deep impression. This can be a fantastic choice for those who really do want to be different.